Exchange Shop (Unit Fragments)

[Exchange Shop]

Introducing the Exchange Shop (Unit Fragments),
available from Thursday, 10/29!

[How to get Exchange Coins]

Exchange Coins (Unit Fragments) can be acquired via the Unit Fragments Login Bonus.

* Refer to Unit Fragments Login Bonus news for more details.

Trade Exchange Coins (Unit Fragments) for items in the Exchange Shop (Unit Fragments)!

You can exchange for

Madam Edel -Neo Vision- Fragment
Nalu Fragment
Firion -Neo Vision- Fragment
Dark Knight Leon Fragment
Emperor Fragment
Aileen Fragment
Gabranth -Neo Vision- Fragment
Balthier Fragment
Starlight Elena Fragment
Loren Fragment
Yoshikiri Fragment
Awakened Dragon Akstar Fragment
Pyro Glacial Lasswell Fragment
Aerith (FFVII REMAKE) Fragment
Cloud Fragment
Red XIII Fragment
Rain -Neo Vision- Fragment
Veritas of the Dark Fragment
Cloud (FFVII REMAKE) Fragment
Tifa Fragment

* Exchange Coins (Unit Fragments) obtainable from the Unit Fragments Login Bonus will no longer be usable past the start of maintenance, Wednesday, 11/25 PST.

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

Head over to the Shop screen, tap the Exchange Shop button and select the items to exchange for.

* This screenshot is a sample image.