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We apologize for the inconvenience these issues may have caused. Our team is currently investigating and will respond to each issue in a timely manner. Thank you for understanding.

(Updated 10/29 05:00 PDT)
- Although the "Exchange" button remains onscreen for the rerun of the Grave Hexvius event, please note that there is no King Mog Exchange available for the event.

(Updated 10/28 04:00 PDT)
- Application will crash if attempting to sell any equipment in any town shop when player accesses the equipment's detail window before selling the equipment. Players can avoid the issue by closing the detail window, then closing and reopening the shop menu before selling the equipment.
- There is a visual issue whereby players who have crafted Ibara's Hairpins will continue to see the NEW icon displayed in the crafting menu.

(Updated 10/26 04:00 PDT)
- Some text issues surrounding Ibara have been addressed for the French, German, Spanish and Chinese languages. All players will be compensated regardless of their language selection in-game. [Fixed and Compensation sent] 10/26 PDT

(Updated 10/23 21:00 PDT)
- Curse of the Tree Demon (Suspicious Offering) was awarding unintended event points. [Fixed] 10/23 PDT

(Updated 10/23 03:00 PDT)
- Ibara's super trust master reward, Demonic Scroll, is incorrectly displaying a rarity of 8 instead of the correct rarity of 9. [Fixed] 10/23 PDT
- Ibara's Brave Shift limit burst, Darkest Desire, is dealing lower damage than intended. [Fixed] 10/23 PDT

(Updated 10/15 03:00 PDT)
- There is an issue in which unit Wild Rose Firion cannot cast the ability "Wild Rose" multiple times in the same turn after Firion -Neo Vision- has used the ability The Watchword. [Fixed] 10/22 PDT

(Updated 10/9 01:00 PDT)
- Fixed an issue in which VS Roundworm - EXT was available to players more than once a day. [Fixed] 10/8 06:00 PDT
- Unit name "Lotus Mage Fina" is not displaying properly when viewing compatible units for the equipment Reincarnation. [Fixed] 10/15 PDT

(Updated 10/7 03:00 PDT)
- Day 14 of the Training with Elena - Daily Bonus Challenge was made available earlier from 10/6 21:00 PDT instead of the intended 10/7 01:00 PDT.

(Updated 10/6 03:00 PDT)
- There is a visual issue whereby players who have crafted the Quarter Hisame Scroll will continue to see the NEW icon displayed in the crafting menu. [Fixed] 10/8 PDT

(Updated 10/1 04:00 PDT)
- Vision cards that are equipped on parties set up for Dark Visions and other events do not have indicators of the units they are equipped to. [Fixed] 10/22 PDT

(Updated 9/25 03:00 PDT)
- Damage output of Elena's Training Sword
(and its + and ++) is not working as intended. [Fixed and Compensation sent] 9/25 PDT

(Updated 9/24 06:00 PDT)
- For NV units, reselecting abilities for a multicast after performing a brave shift has a slight chance of a bug whereby the unit abilities overlays on top of the unit command screen. Players can swipe right to reselect and deselect a unit's abilities to remove the overlay. [Fixed] 10/22 PDT
- Unit name overflows on the Select Summon 5★ Unit Select screen. [Fixed] 10/22 PDT
- Stylish Steward Pecciotta's ability "Hired Hitman" is not working as intended. [Fixed] 10/15 PDT

(Updated 9/18 04:00 PDT)
- Selecting Yoshikiri's "Throw" as part of multiple abilities cast within the same turn will result in only Throw being used for that turn. Including Throw in the list of abilities that can be multi-cast was an error, and will therefore be removed from this list, making it unselectable when multi-casting. [Fixed] 9/24 PDT

(Updated 9/17 05:00 PDT)
- A story scene is missing in the Room of Recollection > Kingdom of Pharm > Supreme Dragon Torrent.[Fixed] 9/17 PDT
- NV units cannot be sent on the expedition "Exploring the Moogle Cave". [Fixed] 10/22 PDT

(Updated 9/11 01:00 PDT)
- The mission "Defeat the two-headed frost dragon’s party within 10 turns" is not working as intended. The mission should be counting the turns from the two-headed frost dragon wave instead of from the start of the battle. [Fixed and Compensation sent] 9/17 PDT
- The exchange cost of Pearl Forticite in the currency exchange of Learning the Mirror of Equity is incorrectly set to 10000 instead of the intended 20000. The exchange cost will be retained for this event, but will be corrected for future exchange events.

(Updated 9/10 04:00 PDT)
- Abilities from certain equipment do not activate when equipped by Neo Vision awakened Pyro Glacial Lasswell after Brave Shift. [Fixed] 9/17 PDT

(Updated 9/9 01:00 PDT)
- Aerith (FFVII REMAKE) in her Brave Shift form is unable to equip the ability "Saviors of the Planet". [Fixed] 9/10 PDT
- There are some equipment with incorrect settings that do not deal any damage to the break gauge of the bosses in Rufus Shinra - EXT and Challenge of the Brave - Guardians of the Planet II. [Fixed] 9/10 PDT
- Red XIII's ability "Flare Fangs" is unusable when multi-casting after using his limit burst. [Fixed] 9/10 PDT

(Updated 9/4 04:00 PDT)
- The disclaimer text regarding max stats for Neo Vision units is truncated. [Fixed] 9/10 PDT

(Updated 9/3 03:00 PDT)
- Fina & Dark Fina's ability Light and Darkness Protection is not unlocking as intended. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- There is a display issue with the experience points given by the max level King Metal Minituar in the Corporate Power Bundle whereby it's showing 100,000 instead of the intended 4,500,000 experience points. [Fixed] 9/7 PDT
- Vision Card equipped on a friend's companion unit is unequipped when the companion is brought to battle. [Fixed] 10/22 PDT
- Abilities set as favorites will have their favorite tag removed after restarting the application.

(Updated 8/27 05:00 PDT)
- Error message pops up when entering battle after viewing a guest unit's equipped ability details when selected as a companion. [Fixed] 9/10 PDT
- The background music is missing from a cutscene in The Concert Hall - Powered Up Monsters in 3rd Season Chapter 4 Part 2 of the main story. [Fixed] 9/10 PDT
- There is a black screen in the cutscene of The Concert Hall - Powered Up Monsters in 3rd Season Chapter 4 Part 2 of the main story. [Fixed] 9/10 PDT

(Updated 8/26 01:00 PDT)
- Saviors of the Planet and Mako Energy are currently set incorrectly as stackable abilities. [Fixed] 8/26 PDT

(Updated 8/24 03:00 PDT)
- There is an issue whereby some players seem to be equipped with two of a single-quantity equipment.
- Dark Visions #5 is missing scoring criteria. This is a visual issue that does not affect the actual Dark Visions score. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT

(Updated 8/21 03:00 PDT)
- Background music continues to play after finishing one round of Slots de Chocobo. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- Some players may be encountering an error message "Invalid Equipment Data" when trying to equip Cloud (FFVII REMAKE) and Tifa. [Fixed] 9/24 PDT
- Text is displaying incorrectly in Mitra (Season 1 town) for various languages. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- NV Awakened Tifa's Global upgraded abilities Overdrive +1 and +2 are not included as abilities that can be used three times in one turn. [Fixed] 8/21 PDT
- Text is displaying incorrect in the 4th Anniversary Slots de Chocobo for the German language. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- The effect "boost magic damage against aquatic monsters" of Hunt Club - Aquan from the Hall of the Wroth God is currently set incorrectly as stackable. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT

(Updated 8/20 09:00 PDT)
- Missing header in iPhone X for NV Cloud Featured Summon banner. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- Shared abilities or equipment between the NV form and the Brave Shift form can only be used in the same equipment slots corresponding to the two forms. [Fixed] 9/24 PDT
- There is an issue where the exchange periods are not being displayed for both Gil Shop and VIP Shop. Please note that the VIP Shop will be reset on the 9/3 end of maintenance. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- The name of the monster in Challenge of the Brave is displayed in Japanese after the Break Gauge is reduced to 0. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- There is a text display issue for the VIP Shop and Gil Shop for Thai and Indonesian. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- Rewards obtained from EX Awakenings are not being displayed correctly. This is only a visual issue as all rewards are still being correctly sent to players' mailboxes.
- There is an issue with the detailed description for certain multi-cast abilities. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- Descriptions of some Vision Cards may appear truncated when viewing them in Menu > Guides > Vision Cards. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- Some Player ID text does not display correctly when first starting the application following the installation of the latest version update from the app stores.
- When EX awakening Tifa from EX +2 to EX +3, tapping on the magnifying glass below the Transcension Pearl displays the "Unit Fragments" tutorial. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT
- Visual misalignment of unit's HP bar and Brave Shift button when switching between normal and Brave Shift status. This issue will be fixed in version 5.0.1. [Fixed] 9/3 PDT

(Updated 8/14 03:00 PDT)
- Free Daily Livestream Countdown Summon did not reset for 8/14 PDT. [Fixed] 8/14 PDT

(Updated 8/11 03:00 PDT)
- Garland (FFIX)'s abilities Ultimate Flare & Ultimate Doomsday did not have Chaos Wave Awakened chaining capabilities upon release as originally intended. [Fixed] 8/12 PDT

(Updated 8/7 03:00 PDT)
- The FFBE 4th Anniversary: Overdrive SOON™ Medal text is truncated for German, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. [Fixed] 8/7 PDT
- The TMR and STMR names for some of the unit-specific moogles in the exchange shop were displaying incorrectly. Players who exchanged for the moogles prior to the text fix can contact Customer Support should they wish to swap their moogles. [Fixed] 8/13 PDT

(Updated 8/6 03:00 PDT)
- True doublehand (TDH) and true dual wield (TDW) parameter boosts are not added while viewing a companion unit's parameters. This is scheduled for a fix in the next version update. [Fixed] 8/20 PDT

(Updated 8/5 03:00 PDT)
- The time remaining is being displayed incorrectly for the Battle with the Vision of Dark Bahamut event. We are currently investigating this issue and will schedule a fix in a future update. [Fixed] 8/6 PDT
- Overlapping text under the crystal on the summon screen when playing in Thai. [Fixed] 8/6 PDT

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you very much for your understanding.