A Letter from the Producer:
Upcoming Changes to Unit Fragment Acquisition

To our dearest players,

Thank you for playing

The number of unit fragments distributed via login bonuses is a topic raised by the community that we'd like to address. While the number of fragments distributed via login bonuses will not be changing, and will remain at 30 fragments for new NV units and 20 fragments for NVA units (Note: These numbers may be subject to change during special collaborations and other events), we do have some changes to announce.

After reviewing feedback from the community, we will be implementing the following changes starting December 3rd to give you even more ways of obtaining unit fragments.

First, let’s start with the introduction of the “Daily Fragment Challenge.”

The “Daily Fragment Challenge” is a quest that allows you to obtain unit fragments. You can bring up to five NV and/or NV awakened units per attempt, and the quest can be attempted once per day.

By clearing the “Daily Fragment Challenge,” you are guaranteed to earn five unit fragments per NV/NV awakened unit included in your party.

For example, if NV awakened Cloud and NV unit Starlight Elena are included in your party, you will receive five Cloud Fragments and five Starlight Elena Fragments, for a total of ten unit fragments. If you bring five NV/NV awakened units, you are guaranteed to receive 25 unit fragments in total.

Please note that you will only be able to bring one of a particular NV/NV awakened unit per attempt, even if you own multiples of that unit.

Additionally, NV awakenable units must be awakened to NV to obtain their unit fragments from the challenge. (You can include non-NV units in your party, but you will not receive unit fragments for those units.)

The “Daily Fragment Challenge” will be available once every two to three months as a limited-time quest. lt will first be available for 14 days from Thursday, December 3rd to Wednesday, December 16th. Future event periods will be announced through in-game notices and official social media accounts, so please stay tuned.

Second, we will be introducing additional ways to obtain VIP coins.

At present, players can exchange VIP coins for unit fragments. Some of you may be thinking, “Yeah, but VIP coins can only be obtained by buying lapis!” Not to worry! We will be introducing additional ways to obtain VIP coins to help players obtain more unit fragments.

Currently, VIP coins can only be obtained by purchasing bundles and lapis, but starting December 3rd, you will also be able to obtain VIP coins through login bonuses as well as the new “Monthly Fortune Hunt.” The “Monthly Fortune Hunt” is a new monthly event where players can obtain VIP coins and other rewards by collecting specific items. We hope you enjoy it!

Additionally, we are planning to make VIP coins obtainable in other ways, such as from “Expeditions.” The VIP shop is meant to offer a robust selection of options to meet your needs in a variety of ways, and we hope that it helps you all have a long and enjoyable experience with the game.

Lastly, players will be able to purchase unit fragments at the VIP Shop using lapis.

Moving forward, players will be able to purchase unit fragments in small increments.
For NV units, players will be able to purchase 10 unit fragments for 1,100 Lapis.
For NV awakenable units, players will be able to purchase 5 unit fragments for 500 Lapis.

Additionally, unit fragments for units included in Featured Summons will be added to the lineup as well.

< Added to the VIP Shop >
* New NV units: 10 unit fragments for 1,100 lapis
* NV awakenable units: 5 unit fragments for 500 lapis
Note: These are limited to three purchases each.

This sums up the ways we plan on increasing players' options for obtaining unit fragments.

As we have stated previously, our concept for the Global version differs from the Japanese version, and we try to take a unique approach with each component of the game. We want all our players to be able to obtain unit fragments by playing the game, while also providing the option to specifically select which unit fragments you wish to get. We hope that you take advantage of the new “Daily Fragment Challenge” quests, exchange for unit fragments with VIP coins obtainable through events like the “Monthly Fortune Hunt,” and EX Awaken your NV/NV awakenable units to their full potential!

Our team will continue to do our best at developing and producing a game that provides the optimal gaming experience. We hope you will continue to lend us your support.

FFBE Global Version Producer
Hiroki Fujimoto