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Due to the recent confusion regarding some of the new abilities' effects, we have prepared a detailed explanation to address the issue.

Area Effects:

A new, unique effect that can be applied onto either side of the battlefield! Be it on the side of the player or the enemy, only one of these unique effects can be applied per side at any one time. Its effects are applied in addition to any other buff/debuffs already applied, and can further boost a team on the battlefield past their normal capabilities! If a new area effect is applied while another area effect is already active, the new area effect will override the old effect, regardless of the effects or values.

Grant Weapon Weakness:

A new active debuff that players can apply to enemies. The affected enemies receive more damage from units equipped with specific types of weapons (e.g. katana). The weapons (e.g. katana) may be equipped in either hand, and physical, magic, hybrid, and evocation damage types are affected as long as the unit is equipped with a weapon of that specific type (e.g. katana). Multiple instances of these debuffs can be applied onto the same enemy at once provided that each debuff grants a weakness for a different weapon type (e.g. 10% boost in damage from katanas, and 10% boost in damage from rods). If multiple instances of the debuff are applied for the same weapon type, only the highest value debuff for that weapon type will be in effect. When dual-wielding two weapons of different types, the effect value will be divided between equipped weapons. (E.g. If a unit is equipped with a katana and a staff while a 10% boost in damage from katanas is applied to an enemy, the total effective debuff for damage taken from the unit would be 5%.)

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.