Community Event: Bahamut & Asura Challenge

Community Event: Bahamut & Asura Challenge

It's time to test your skills against the two mighty espers from the world of Lapis and Paladia!

Join the community in defeating Bahamut & Asura to earn rewards, including an expansion voucher, NV EX tickets (4★/5★/NV), and a new ability, Chain Comprehension. This amazing ability boosts damage limit for various chains — a fresh addition to equippable abilities!

Chain Comprehension boosts damage limit for various chains by 50%.

* Please note that chain damage limit boosts can go up to 200%, so units who already have their chain damage increased by 200% via abilities like Dual Blade Mastery will not benefit further from this ability.

To participate, players will need to defeat the raid boss, Bahamut & Asura, multiple times in the dimensional vortex. The raid event will be available at the end of maintenance, 1/28.

At the end of the event, all players will get the following rewards depending on the total number of times the raid boss is defeated during the event period.

1,000,000 times - Expansion Voucher x1
3,000,000 times - NV EX Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x3
5,000,000 times - Ability: Chain Comprehension
(Boost damage limit for various chains)

- If the community manages to clear the last milestone of the event, please note that the first two rewards will be sent separately from the Chain Comprehension ability. The ability will be distributed at a later date.

[Event Period]
End of maintenance, 1/28 - 2/10 23:59 PST

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