Special Bundle and Exchange Shops!

VC Enhancement Gold Chest will be available for a limited time!

[Sales Period]
End of maintenance, Thursday, 3/11 PST - Start of maintenance, Wednesday, 3/17 PDT

Bundle Content:
VC Select Ticket [3/2021] x1
Metal Gigantuar's Here! x8

[Exchange Shop]

Introducing the Ticket Exchange (VC Select),
available from Thursday, 3/11!

[How to get a VC Select Ticket [3/2021]]

A VC Select Ticket [3/2021] can be acquired by purchasing the VC Enhancement Gold Chest!

* Head to the bundle shop and tap on the
VC Enhancement Gold Chest to purchase it.

Trade VC Select Ticket [3/2021] for a Vision Card of your choice in the Ticket Exchange (VC Select)!

You can exchange for

Mad Dash
In Order to Change the World
Planet's Whisper
Guiding the Youth
The Heartless Sage
Judge Magister
Battle with the Black Knights
Too Cool for the Summer
Madam and the Giant Bird, Bennu

* The VC Select Ticket [3/2021], obtainable by purchasing the VC Enhancement Gold Chest, will no longer be usable past the start of maintenance, Wednesday, 3/24 PDT.

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

Head over to the Shop screen, tap the Exchange Shop button and select the items to exchange.

* This screenshot is a sample image.
** Only the Vision Cards listed above will be available for exchange.