Bonus Present Ticket Summon

A permanent summon will be available from 3/25 onwards!

Players will be able to summon one of the following with a Bonus Present Ticket

NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x1
1/10 NV Summon Ticket x1
5★ Select Summon Ticket x1
Ascension Pearl x1
Transcension Pearl x1
5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x2
Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket x10
5★ Super Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) x1
Lapis x500
Lapis x100

Obtain Bonus Present Tickets by purchasing the Kindred Heroes' Adamantite Chest or Kindred Heroes' Crystal Chest in the bundle shop! Head to the bundle shop and tap on the bundles to purchase them.

* Only the items listed above will be available to summon