FFBE x WOTV FFBE Universe Campaign

[Update 4/1]

Thank you for participating in the FFBE x WOTV FFBE Universe Campaign.

In addition to the milestone rewards, all players are also being awarded NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x1 for their enthusiastic participation in the event! Thank you for helping to make this event a success!

All rewards have been distributed to players in FFBE via scheduled mail as of the end of maintenance, Thursday, 4/1, and can be obtained from the mailbox until Saturday, 5/1 00:59 PDT.

[Update 3/25]

Thank you for participating in the FFBE x WOTV FFBE Universe Campaign.

Milestone 3 has been reached as of 3/25.

All FFBE players will receive the corresponding rewards via scheduled mail at the end of maintenance 4/1. The collaboration wallpaper is now available via the official collaboration website and social media posts. Please check the website or official social media posts for more details.

* Refer to the FFBE x WOTV FFBE Collab Event! news for more details!

[Update 3/12]

The overall summary of the milestone rewards has been updated to correct value.

To commemorate our collaboration with WAR OF THE VISIONS FFBE, we will be giving away rewards for each milestone reached from end of maintenance, Thursday, 3/11 PST - start of maintenance, Wednesday, 3/24 PDT.

The combined total number of times that eligible event quests are cleared in both FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS as well as WAR OF THE VISIONS FFBE will determine the rewards given to players of both games!

FFBE x WOTV FFBE Universe webpage:

Challenge the ★ Warriors Who Bear the Light quest available from 3/11 and the ★ A Frightful Mutation quest available from 3/18 under the Sprouts of Devouring event banner in the Dimensional Vortex.

Each quest is only available once a day during the campaign period, so don't forget to play!

* Refer to the FFBE x WOTV FFBE Collab Event news for more details

All players can receive up to 1500 lapis, Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x1, and NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x1 in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS!

* Refer to the WOTV FFBE app for details on the rewards you can receive in WOTV FFBE!

Milestone 1: 300,000 Quest Completions
- Collaboration Wallpaper x1 and lapis x500

Milestone 2: 600,000 Quest Completions
- Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x1 and lapis x1000

Milestone 3: 1,000,000 Quest Completions
- NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x1