Miscellaneous Updates!

There will be a series of updates starting from 4/8.

Black & White Magic Revamp

We are implementing enhancements to the effects of certain black & white magic on 4/8.

The following magic is included in the revamp:

Black Magic
- Bio/Biora/Bioga
- Firaga/Firaja
- Blizzaga/Blizzaja
- Thundaga/Thundaja
- Waterga/Waterja
- Aeroga/Aeroja
- Stonga/Stonja
- Darkga
- Flood
- Tornado
- Comet

White Magic
- Full-Life
- Banishga

This includes the variations of certain magic available through awakening. Check out the magic in game for more details!

Welcome Login Bonus Revamp

The Welcome Login Bonus will be receiving an update on 4/15!

Welcome Login Bonus

Day 1

Guaranteed NV Summon Ticket x1

Day 2
NV EX Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) x2

Day 3
King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl) x50

Day 4
NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) x1

Day 5
Gil x10,000,000

Day 6
NRG Restore 10 x200

Day 7

5★ Beginner's Select Ticket x2

Day 8
Expansion Voucher x20

Day 9
NV EX Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x2

Day 10
Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x2

Day 11
Various King Pots

Day 12
5★ Trust Moogle (All 10%) x20

Day 13

Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV) x2

Day 14
5★ Select Summon Ticket x40

Day 15
Lapis x5000

* New players collecting their Welcome Login Bonuses when the update is implemented will receive the rewards for any days of the campaign they may have missed by the end of maintenance, Thursday, 4/15 PDT.

Early Bird Offer has been updated!

The Early Bird Offer available to new players will be improved on 4/15!

Bundle content includes:
- Lapis x5000
- King Metal Minitaur (Max Lvl) x20
- Gil x3,000,000
- Guaranteed NV Summon Ticket x1
- 5★ Select Summon Ticket x10

* New players can head to the bundle shop and tap on the Early Bird Offer to purchase it.
** The Early Bird Offer is only available to players within 3 days of account creation.

Thank you for playing

Stay tuned for similar updates in the future!