Miscellaneous Updates!

There will be a series of updates starting from 4/15.

Free NRG until Rank 50!

Players will now be able to play without expending energy until reaching rank 50!

Introducing Chronicle Battles!

A new format of event, "Chronicle Battles", will be available from 4/15 onwards!

Clear Chronicle Battle: Ifrit to attain recipes to further enhance equipment such as Aranea's Helm (FFXV) and Crown Prince Noctis's Super Trust Master Reward, Ultima Blade (FFXV)!

Players will also be able to obtain amazing rewards such as VIP coins, Brave Insignia, and more!

Select units will receive item drop bonuses as well as parameter boosts.

Please refer to the respective event news banners for more information on which units will receive bonuses and the rewards.

Thank you for playing

Stay tuned for similar updates in the future!