Special Bundle and Exchange Shop!

NV Beginner's Mountain will be permanently available from 4/15 onwards! The bundle will only be available once per player.

Players MUST log in each day of the 13-day period to receive all of the amazing rewards!

Get Exchange Coin (NV Beginner's Select) x1 upon purchase!

Players are able to receive the following content as daily rewards over the course of 13 days:

Day 1 - King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl) x20
Day 2 - Gil x1,000,000
Day 3 - Metal Gigantuar's Here! x2
Day 4 - Trust Coin x2500
Day 5 - VIP Coin x500
Day 6 - Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV) x1
Day 7 - 5★ Trust Moogle (All 100%) x1
Day 8 - King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl) x20
Day 9 - Gil x2,000,000
Day 10 - Metal Gigantuar's Here! x2
Day 11 - Trust Coin x2500
Day 12 - VIP Coin x500
Day 13 - Exchange Coin (NV Beginner's Select) x1

[Exchange Shop]

Introducing the
Exchange Shop (NV Beginner's Select),
available from Thursday, 4/15!

[How to get an Exchange Coin (NV Beginner's Select)]

An Exchange Coin (NV Beginner's Select) can be acquired by purchasing the NV Beginner's Mountain!

* Head to the bundle shop and tap on the NV Beginner's Mountain to purchase it.

Trade Exchange Coin (NV Beginner's Select)
for a unit of your choice in the
Exchange Shop (NV Beginner's Select)!

You can exchange for

Gabranth -Neo Vision-
Locke -Neo Vision-
Rain - Neo Vision-
Lasswell -Neo Vision-
Physalis -Neo Vision-
Sol - Neo Vision-

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

* This screenshot is a sample image.
** Only the units listed above will be available for exchange.