Monstrous Monarch Login Bonus


Monstrous Monarch Login Bonus

Log in every day and receive amazing rewards!

The rewards will be sent to each player's mailbox daily during the campaign period!

Players will also receive the equipment, Rainbow Paint, ONCE in their mailbox between the end of maintenance, Thursday, 4/22 and Friday, 5/7 00:59 PDT!

Rainbow Paint

HP/MP +20%
Activate rainbow paint:
Chance of enabling rainbow art to be used once for all allies when receiving a physical or magic attack

Rainbow Art:
Deal fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, and light damage to one enemy

Campaign Period:
End of maintenance, Thursday, 4/22 - Friday, 4/30 00:59 PDT

Monstrous Monarch Login Bonus

Day 1
Lapis x500

Day 2

King Behemy Fragment x10

Day 3
Lapis x100

Day 4
King Behemy Fragment x10

Day 5
Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x1

Day 6
King Behemy Fragment x10

Day 7

Ascension Pearl x1

Day 8

VIP Coin x100