Lo-fi Collaboration

[Update 5/28]

Lo-fi Note Exchange will be made available in the Special Shop instead of the Exchange Shop.

In commemoration of the Lo-fi Collaboration, players can hear a special Lo-fi Collaboration soundtrack as background music in FFBE until 6/27 00:59 PDT!

Lo-fi Login Bonus

Log in every day and receive amazing rewards!

Campaign Period:
End of maintenance, Thursday, 5/27 -
Sunday, 6/27 00:59 PDT

Lo-fi Login Bonus

Day 1

Lo-fi Note x1

Day 2

Lo-fi Note x1

Day 3

Lo-fi Note x1

Day 4

Lo-fi Note x1

Day 5

Lo-fi Note x1

Day 6

Lo-fi Note x1

Day 7

Lo-fi Note x1

Exchange Lo-fi Notes for special rewards such as
Lo-fi Headphones and lapis!

* Log in for 7 days within the campaign period to receive all 7 days' rewards.

[Exchange Shop]

Introducing the Lo-fi Note Exchange,
available from Thursday, 5/27!

[How to get Lo-fi Notes]

Lo-fi Notes can be acquired via the Lo-fi Login Bonus.

Trade Lo-fi Notes for items in the Lo-fi Note Exchange!

You can exchange for

Lo-fi Headphones
Rare Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV)
King Magi Pot
King Power Pot
King Shield Pot
King Smart Pot
King Soul Pot
King Tough Pot
King Burst Pot
5★ Trust Moogle (All 50%)
Lapis x100

Lo-fi Headphones

MAG +20 SPR +30

Boost water, ice, wind, lightning, and dark resistance by 20% and nullify sleep, silence, and confusion

Activate auto-shell: Automatically boost SPR and reduce magic damage taken

* Lo-fi Notes, obtainable via the Lo-fi Login Bonus, will no longer be usable past Sunday, 7/4 00:59 PDT.

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

Head over to the Shop screen, tap the Exchange Shop button, and select the items to exchange for.

* This screenshot is a sample image.