Version 6.2.0

Thank you for playing

The following updates have been made:

- A new "Damage Details" button has been added to the Results Screen.

- Broken monsters now have a visual effect to indicate their broken status.
(Visual effect: When broken, affected parts of enemy sprite will flash purple)

- Changes to the guides for equipment, abilities, and units
1. Updated Sort/Filter buttons have been implemented.
2. Equipment, abilities, or units that have not yet been obtained are now being displayed as grayed icons.

- The Vortex, units, and summon screens now remember scrollbar position.

- Bulk Fusion is now available for 1★-4★ base units.

- Trust master rewards and super trust master rewards now show information on how they may be obtained.

- Search bar now available for equipment and abilities when equipping units.

- When a player exits a quest by defeat or giving up, the accompanying companion will now be available for use in another quest.

- A new "Convert Unit" button has been added to the Awaken Units screen to allow for quick conversion to prisms or fragments.

- Players can now tap to skip the animation that appears before viewing the Results screen as when completing a quest.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the recurring display issue affecting
Shui Yu's SPR parameter in the unit details screen.

- Fixed a visual issue whereby some ability effects were being unintentionally duplicated, causing the related ability names to appear multiple times on the same equipment details screen.

- Fixed a rare crash caused when the player's phone language is set to Arabic.

- Fixed an issue in which units entering battle in Brave Shift form were losing health in between missions for Story Events.