Exchange Shop (P.H.Vivi) and NV Ticket Exchange Shop (P.H.Vivi)

Introducing the Exchange Shop (P.H.Vivi) and
NV Ticket Exchange Shop (P.H.Vivi),
available from Thursday, 6/3!

[How to get Summon Coins (P.H.Vivi) and NV Exchange Tickets (P.H.Vivi)]

A Summon Coin (P.H.Vivi) and an NV Exchange Ticket (P.H.Vivi) can be acquired by performing an 11 summon on the FINAL FANTASY IX Featured Summon banner or the FFIX Pure-Hearted Vivi Treasure Summon.

[Exchange Shop]

Trade Summon Coins (P.H.Vivi) for a unit or
other rewards of your choice in the
Exchange Shop (P.H.Vivi)!

You can exchange for

Pure-Hearted Vivi Fragment
Loyal Knight Steiner
Loyal Knight Steiner's Prism
Mace of Zeus (FFIX)
Minister's Coat
Priestess's Attire
Nutkin Hairpin
5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 50%)
5★ Super Trust Moogle (ALL 50%)
Ascension Pearl
Transcension Pearl
NV EX Ticket (5★/NV)
Gil Snapper Tower
King Metal Minituar (Max Lvl)
and King Burst Pot

Mace of Zeus (FFIX)

ATK +21 MAG +172

Activate destructive power:
Boost damage of certain magic
Minister's Coat

MP +150 DEF +53 MAG +85

Activate refresh +10%:
Restore MP every turn
Priestess's Attire

HP +100 SPR +35 MAG +60 MP +10%

Enable spirit fire - fox claw:
Deal magic damage to all enemies
Nutkin Hairpin

MAG +40 MAG +40%

Trade NV Exchange Ticket (P.H.Vivi) x8
for Pure-Hearted Vivi in the
NV Ticket Exchange Shop (P.H.Vivi)!

* Summon Coins (P.H.Vivi) and NV Exchange Tickets (P.H.Vivi) will no longer be usable past the start of maintenance, Wednesday, 6/23 PDT.

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

* This screenshot is a sample image.
** Only the NV unit(s) listed above will be available for exchange.