Introducing the New Ability: Reflectx2

Thank you for playing FFBE.

We will explain how Reflectx2, an ability possessed by Pure-Hearted Vivi, works in battle.

What is Reflectx2?

Reflectx2 is an ability that reflects and magnifies the power of magic cast by Pure-Hearted Vivi, increasing damage to opponents. Reflected magic also has the additional effect of being chained.

*Some magic is unaffected by Reflect.

Example of the use of Reflectx2

① Cast Reflect on all allies

Some ways to cast Reflect on all allies:

Unit: Loyal Knight Steiner (7★)
LB: True Moonlight Slash
- Reflect back magic cast at all allies four times
Unit: Marie (7★)
LB: Magical Prism
- Reflect back magic cast at all allies one time
Esper: Carbuncle
Esper Ability: Ruby Light
- Reflect back magic cast on allies one time

② Select magic

Select the magic you wish to reflect.

③ Set an ally as a target

Long tap on an ally unit, and tap on "Target."

④ Cast the magic

The magic will be cast at your allies.

It will be reflected onto the enemy with additional damage for each ally off of which the magic is reflected, leading to larger amounts of damage.


In the case that the amount of multicasted magic cast exceeds the number of times Reflect has been applied, ally units will take damage for any remaining magic.

There are also magic/abilities which can not be reflected.

Please be aware of the downside that support-type magic such as white and green will also be reflected.

Final Notes:

Out of the many memorable abilities in FFIX, Reflectx2 is one ability in particular that allows the player to be creative. The FFBE team has tried to replicate the ability as used in FFIX as faithfully as possible while adhering to the current meta in FFBE. Although it is an ability that requires certain units be used together in combination, we hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your continued support of FFBE.