Mighty Moogle Login Bonus


Mighty Moogle Login Bonus

Log in every day and receive amazing rewards!

Players will also receive the equipment, Shield Commander Costume, ONCE in their mailbox between the end of maintenance, Thursday, 6/17 and Friday, 7/2 00:59 PDT!

Shield Commander Costume

HP +100 MP +50 ATK +24 DEF +39

Boost earth and light resistance by 30%

Campaign Period:
End of maintenance, Thursday, 6/17 -
Friday, 6/25 00:59 PDT

Mighty Moogle Login Bonus

Day 1
Lapis x500

Day 2

Noppy Fragment x10

Day 3
Lapis x100

Day 4

Noppy Fragment x10

Day 5

Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x1

Day 6
Noppy Fragment x10

Day 7

Ascension Pearl x1

Day 8

VIP Coin x100