Ticket Exchange (Perma-VC Select)

[Exchange Shop]

Introducing the Ticket Exchange (Perma-VC Select),
available from Thursday, 7/22!

[How to get a Perma-VC Select Ticket]

A Perma-VC Select Ticket can be acquired by awakening certain NV units to EX+1.

Trade one Perma-VC Select Ticket
for a vision card of your choice in the
Ticket Exchange (Perma-VC Select)!

You can exchange for

Mad Dash
In Order to Change the World
Planet's Whisper
Guiding the Youth
Virtual Training
Azure Successor
Judge Magister
Battle with the Black Knights
Madam and the Giant Bird, Bennu
The Heartless Sage
Too Cool for the Summer
Crystal's Revelation
A Day in the Life of Physalis
Search for the Esper
Separation and Restoration
The Heir to Purple Lightning
Thanks for Everything!
Festive Preparations - Team Lasswell
Festive Preparations - Team Sages
Festive Preparations - Team Akstar
The Savior's Descent
Friends from Today!
Five Hundred Years of Grief
Syldra! Come Up and Say Hello!
Egg Painting
Face My Full Power!
The Cure for Insomnia
A King's Dominion
Duty as the Oracle
Onward to the Disc
Swords of Fury
A Family Reunited
The One I've Loved...
Even Heroes Need a Break
Dramatic Costume Change
A Crimson-Colored Light
A World United
Memories Below the Surface
The Water God and Priestess
Knights who Soar the Skies
A Vengeful Blow
Scorpion Sentinel Battle
A New Journey
Wake-Up Coeurl
Beach Beauties
Morze's Soiree
One Last Battle
No Matter the Cost
The Dragon's Seal
Entrusted for the Future
Chores with Grandpa
Tomoe vs. Gravey

* Certain vision cards in the future will be added to the Ticket Exchange (Perma-VC Select) upon their release.

[Find the Exchange Shop here!]

* This screenshot is a sample image.
** Only the vision cards listed above will be available for exchange.