Important notice regarding favorited equipment

[Update 8/17]

We would like to remind everyone that some party settings will be reset and the Chamber of Arms will be made temporarily unavailable after the maintenance on September 1 (PDT).

Thank you for playing

During maintenance on September 1 (PDT), the equipment favorite function will be implemented alongside the version upgrade to 6.4.0.

This function will allow players to save a set of equipment (favorite equipment) for each one of their units, and will also allow equipment to be shared between units as long as those units are in separate parties.

* Refer to the patch notes for the release of version 6.4.0 for more details

However, there are two consequences to this update:

1. Following the update, some parties, including the five party slots available from the manage party screen, weapon enhancement parties, Dark Visions parties, Chamber of Arms parties, and companion unit settings will be reset to the original default party units (Rain & Lasswell).

* Clash of Wills will not be affected by the party data reset.

Note: Expected party behavior has been updated from what was previously announced. The current expected behavior of parties after the update is as follows:

- Party #1: Unit and equipment data will be retained.
- Party #2 and above: Only unit data will be retained. Other party data, such as equipment, will be lost.

2. The Chamber of Arms will be made temporarily unavailable after September 1 (PDT). We will announce further plans at a later date.

[Steps to Take Before the Update]

Aside from party 1 as mentioned above, players can take steps to prevent the loss of party data during the update by using the party save & load function to save their parties in the main party menu, the equipment enhancement dungeon, Dark Visions, and the arena. (Players will be able to load any saved party data after the update, which will allow players to reconstruct their various parties as smoothly as possible.)

NOTE: The party save & load function at the top right of the party management screen will not be reset and party data stored within the function will be retained. Kindly utilize this function before maintenance on September 1 (PDT) to save your party settings ahead of the reset.

For companion settings or other situations in which party data cannot be saved using the party save & load feature, players are encouraged to take screenshots or note their party compositions and set their parties again manually after the reset.

After the update, please use the party load function to load any saved information and reassemble your parties.


We realize that the implementation of this update will cause a significant inconvenience for our players, and we would like to offer our apologies.

All players will receive 5000 lapis as compensation.

However, we hope that players will be able to enjoy the new feature! Following the update, there will be a new button named "Set as favorite" in the equipment selection screen! Please use this button to update the default equipment set on various units.

Our humble apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you very much for your understanding.