Super Limit Type Neo Vision Units

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With the arrival of Doma Samurai Cyan, a new type of Brave Shift, Super Limit type, is now available!

Introducing Neo Vision Units with
Super Limit Burst

Currently there are two types of Neo Vision units:

Role Shift - This type of Neo Vision unit changes its role after performing Brave Shift (e.g. Rain & Fina)

Trance - This type of Neo Vision unit changes form and greatly increases its power during Brave Shift (e.g. Terra -Neo Vision-)

In line with the release of Super Limit type Neo Vision units, we have redefined the terms for each type.

Super Limit type Neo Vision units are able to use a Super Limit Burst after a set number of turns have passed, and also gain various kinds of effects.

Unlike, Role Shift and Trance type Neo Vision units, Super Limit type Neo Vision units only have one set of equipment. 

When the Super Limit Burst becomes available to use, the unit's limit burst gauge will be filled to the max amount, even if it was not on the prior turn, and the limit burst will become a Super Limit Burst, which has different effects compared to its previous form.

At EX +1, Doma Samurai Cyan's limit burst, Tempest (FFVI), will change to Oblivion after a certain number of turns have passed.

With each EX awakening, the number of turns until a unit's Super Limit Burst is available to activate reduces.

Below is an overview of the different types of Neo Vision units and their features!

Experience the potential of Super Limit type Neo Vision units in battle!

Updates to the UI are being developed to improve clarity surrounding units and their Brave Shift type in the game.

Please stay tuned!