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[Update Summary]
[Available from 9/2]
- App version 6.4.0 released
- Updated Ex Coin Shop
- Ability Awakenings 45: Terra -Neo Vision- and Locke -Neo Vision-
- All Challenge of the Brave dungeons, with the exception of collaboration dungeons, are now available. Refer to the Challenge of the Brave Dungeon Update news for more details
- New Events/Summons:
- FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS: Elemental Turn Challenge
- FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS: Return of the Cruelest Creations: Gluttonous Consumer of the Cosmos
- September Equipment Enhancement Event: Steel Castle Melfikya 36
- FINAL FANTASY VI: Chronicle Battle: Valigarmanda
-  FINAL FANTASY VI Featured Summon
- FINAL FANTASY VI Daily 1/2 Off Summon
- FFVI Doma Samurai Cyan Treasure Summon
- Exchange Shop (D.S.Cyan)
- 5th Anniversary Afterparty II Exchange Shop
- Jacked Samurai Login Bonus
- 2021 Player Appreciation Campaign
- 5th Anniversary Player's Voice (Part 1): Weekly Free 10+1 Summon (One Guaranteed 5★/NV) + 1/10 NV Summon Ticket
- Adventurer Rewards (September)
- Bundles:
- Faithful Retainer Bundle
- Samurai Warrior's Bronze Chest
- Samurai Warrior's Silver Chest
- Samurai Warrior's Mythril Chest
- Samurai Warrior's Adamantite Chest
- Doma Samurai Cyan Fragment Bundle
- Transcension Pearl Bundle
- Ascension Pearl Bundle
- September Crest Pass Bundle
[Available from 9/6]
- New Events/Summons:
- NV Guaranteed Step-Up Summon

- Lapis x150
- NRG Restore (10) x 10

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