Version 6.4.0

Thank you for playing

The following updates have been made:

- New Super Limit Bursts

- Skin customization now available for select units

Players can choose a skin for certain units by tapping on Equip > Skin, and then selecting an available skin for that unit.

Skins of certain units of the same character will be available if a player has ever had that unit in their possession.

For example, if a player has possessed the unit Rain -Neo Vision-, players may equip certain "Rain" units with the skin of the Rain -Neo Vision- unit. Once a skin has been selected, a blue mark will be displayed next to the unit.

* Note: Certain units or skins, such as Tag-Team or limited units, may not be available.

- Equipment can now be shared between units in different parties

- New favorite equipment function allows a unit's equipment settings to be saved

This function will allow players to save a set of equipment (favorite equipment) for each one of their units, and will also allow equipment to be shared between units as long as those units are in separate parties.

* The same equipment still cannot be equipped more than once within the same party. In the event that a unit is added with its favorited equipment already set to a different unit in the same party, a message will pop on screen to alert that the unit has been added without said equipment.

- Updated the ability description format

* Please check the Issue Report for more details.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the repeat and reload functions were not functioning as intended in certain events

- Fixed an issue where the repeat and reload functions were not functioning properly with certain multicast abilities

- Fixed an issue where units were not able to enter certain quests in the correct Brave Shift form