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[Update Summary]
[Available from 9/16]
- Vision Cards: New Arrival
- NV Awakening: Queen, Machina
- Equipment and Ability Upgrades: Excalibur
(FF Type-0), Wild Card (FF Type-0), Vermilion Flag, Orichalcum Dirk (FF Type-0), Katana Mastery, and Summon Eidolon
- Added EX abilities for Cloud, Red XIII
- Bundle Updates: Mythril Chest of Abundance, Gold Chest of Abundance, Silver Chest of Abundance, Iron Chest of Abundance, and
Chest of Fortification
- New Events/Summons:
- FINAL FANTASY Type-0: Chronicle Battle: Lieutenant Colonel Charlot
- FINAL FANTASY Type-0: Chronicle Battle: Vajra
- FINAL FANTASY Type-0: The Kingdom's Final Hours
- FINAL FANTASY Type-0: Power of the Azure Dragon Crystal
- FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Featured Summon
- FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Daily 1/2 Off Summon
- FF Type-0 Ice Reaper Kurasame Treasure Summon
- Exchange Shop (I.R.Kurasame)
- Class of Cadets Login Bonus
- Daily Fragment Challenge
- 5th Anniversary Player's Voice (Part 1): Weekly Free 10+1 Summon (One Guaranteed 5★/NV) + 1/10 NV Summon Ticket
- Bundles:
- Vermilion Virtue Bundle
- Caring Commander's Bronze Chest
- Caring Commander's Silver Chest
- Caring Commander's Mythril Chest
- Caring Commander's Adamantite Chest
- Ice Reaper Kurasame Fragment Bundle
- Machina Fragment Bundle
- Queen Fragment Bundle
- Transcension Pearl Bundle
- Ascension Pearl Bundle
[Available from 9/20]
- New Events/Summons:
- Neo Rainbow Revolution Summon
- NV Guaranteed Step-Up Summon

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