Miscellaneous Updates!

The following updates will be available in the game starting 9/23!

Equipment Upgrade


ATK +12 MAG +150 SPR +170

Boost parameters of espers evoked by 30%

Updates to Select Challenge of the Brave and Chronicle Battle Dungeons

We are beginning the process of slowly retiring a number of Challenge of the Brave dungeons. The following changes will be implemented to the brave insignias and associated Challenge of the Brave dungeons.

Challenge of the Brave: Goddesses of the Coast will be retired, and a new permanent dungeon, Challenge of the Brave: Seasons' Greetings, will take its place. The new Challenge of the Brave: Seasons' Greetings will offer the Brave Insignia (Seasonal).

Brave Insignia (Seasonal) may be used to enhance the following units' brave abilities:

- Shoreline Fina & Daisy
- Summer Fina & Lid
- Summer Folka & Citra

Chronicle Battle FFBE Allies will be introduced!

Challenge Ochu and Rampaging Tetra Sylphid to obtain the new Brave Insignia (FFBE Allies)!

Brave Insignia (FFBE Allies) may now be used to enhance following units' brave abilities:

- Rain & Fina
- Lasswell & Raegen
- Dark Fina & Sol
- Akstar & Cleome
- Infernal Fire Rain
- Draconian Princess Fina

Following this update, Challenge of the Brave: Farplane Wanderers II will be closed permanently. Players who have Brave Insignia (Farplane Wanderers II) will be compensated with an equal amount of Brave Insignia (FFBE Allies).

* Challenge of the Brave: Farplane Wanderers I will still be available until further notice.

More updates will be announced in the future so stay tuned!