Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS!

Starting from 10/18 after maintenance, there will be improvements in the Arena.

*The current progress for arena will not be reset.

[Arena changes & Improvements]

1. [Removal of Arena Monthly Ranking and Monthly Reward System]

Arena Monthly Rankings will end right before maintenance on 10/18 and will no longer be available in the game after maintenance has ended on 10/18.

There will be no changes in the monthly rewards and players will still receive their monthly arena rewards for this month based on their ranking after the maintenance on 10/18.

*Players will still receive their Arena Weekly Rewards as per usual for that week.

2. [Improvement of Arena Weekly Rewards]

Arena will now be focusing on weekly rankings with improvements in the weekly rewards. Weekly rewards will be improved the following ranking week.

3. [Removal of Arena Series Unit Bonus]

The Arena Series Unit Bonus that affects unit stats will be replaced with a brand new system.

4. [Introducing the Specific Unit Point Bonus System]

Specific unit point bonus will allow the player to receive more points when they bring specific units into the Arena.

Specific unit point bonus are not stackable! Only the highest specific unit point bonus that the player brings will be taken into effect.

5. [Arena Medal Exchange Rewards]

The reward board for each player will retain their current progression, but there will be improvements in the Arena Medal Exchange Rewards.

* Maintenance timing will be announced at a later date.
** More details on the Arena Monthly Ranking rewards distribution date will be announced at a later time.