3rd Anniversary Live Stream Rewards


We would like thank all of those who watched our 3rd Anniversary Live Stream event.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to those who joined us and gave us their support in person.

As promised by our producers during the live stream, the following rewards from the Facebook Share Challenge and Raid Boss Challenge have been sent to your mailbox. Additional rewards have been added as a bonus for far surpassing the initial goals!

Facebook Share Challenge Rewards:
100 Shares - EX Summon Ticket x5
300 Shares - EX Summon Ticket x10
500 Shares - 4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket x5
EXTRA - 5★ Guaranteed EX Ticket x1
In addition, all players will receive a bonus reward - 5★ Guaranteed EX Ticket x1!

Raid Boss Challenge Rewards:
Lvl 5 - 3rd Anniversary Tickets x20
Lvl 10 - 3rd Anniversary Tickets x30
Lvl 15 - 3rd Anniversary Tickets x50
EXTRA - 3rd Anniversary Tickets x50
In addition, all players will receive a bonus reward - 3rd Anniversary Ticket x50!

All players will also be receiving the rewards for the Live Quiz that occurred during the live stream. A set of the following rewards will be distributed daily to each player's mailbox from 7/19 to 7/23 PDT.

Live Quiz Rewards (distributed daily for 5 days):
EX Summon Ticket x1
4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket x1
5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x1
5+1 Summon Ticket x1
Rare Summon Ticket x1


* La traduction de l'annonce sera bientôt disponible.