Latent Abilities Update

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We would like to update everyone on latent abilities and enlightenment keys.

[Obtaining Enlightenment Keys and Enlightenment Points]

Enlightenment keys and/or enlightenment points can be obtained through the following methods.

Obtainable through:
- Series Boss Battles
- Events
- Campaigns
- Free Daily Mission (enlightenment points only)

[Chamber of Enlightenment - Free Daily Mission]

The enlightenment points received from the mission Chamber of Enlightenment - Free Daily will be increased from 150 to 350.

The change will be implemented during maintenance on 7/30 PDT.

Do not miss out on the following campaigns to obtain enlightenment keys!

[Enlightenment Key Giveaway]

Enlightenment keys will be sent to each player's mailbox! Keys will be distributed on 8/2 01:00 PDT.

Keys distributed:
Diamond Enlightenment Key x1
Gold Enlightenment Key x1
Silver Enlightenment Key x1
Bronze Enlightenment Key x5

[Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket Summon]

In the upcoming Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket Summon, players will be able to obtain silver enlightenment keys via summon.

Using coins obtained from the Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket Summon, players can also obtain gold enlightenment keys through the Anniversary Follow-Up Gold Summon.

Please refer to the Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket Summon news for more details.

[Latent Abilities for Global Units]

Latent abilities will also be released for global original units in the future.

Please stay tuned for more details at a later date!

* La traduction de l'annonce sera bientôt disponible.